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Meet Rion, a heartfelt wedding videographer with an insatiable curiosity and deep passion for unraveling the unique love stories of each couple they encounter. To Rion a wedding is not simply an event to film; it is an opportunity to delve into the very essence of love, connection, and the beautiful journey that led two souls to intertwine.
From an early age, Rion was drawn to the art of storytelling and the power of visual communication. As they explored their passion for videography, they discovered an unyielding fascination with human connections and the stories that bind people together. This discovery sparked a mission for Rion – to become not just a wedding videographer but a true keeper of love stories.
When couples choose "I Do" to capture their special day, they embark on a journey that goes far beyond the wedding preparations. Rion takes the time to sit down with each couple, eager to listen to their tale from the very beginning – the first meeting, the moments that sparked the flame of love, the hurdles they overcame together, and the shared dreams that shaped their future.
To Rion, being a wedding videographer is not just a profession but a calling to immortalize love stories in the most exquisite way possible. Their work is a tribute to the power of love, reminding couples and their families that their story is extraordinary and deserves to be cherished.
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Our mission is to help our clients capture life's most precious moments and create memories that last for generations to come.

Client Testimonials


"Beautiful wedding pictures! I am in love with every shot you were able to capture on our wedding day. We can enjoy these photos and memories with our friends and family for years to come. Gorgeous album as well...worth ever penny!"

- Elizabeth P.


"I Do Videography Atlanta is on point and very professional! I recommend them to all my family & friends! Don't waste your time looking anywhere else. They are the BEST."

- Pauline D.


"Thank you for our gorgeous wedding photos. We looked at so many photographers during the planning process and we're so happy we choose I Do Videography Atlanta. We are blown away with our final pictures - better than I'd ever hoped."

- Jessica T.